Joyce Sunn is looking for a career change. Her current occupation is dangerous, the hours are inconvenient and her boss is a jerk– even the job title and uniform are a sources of embarrassment. She is Thrasher, superhero sidekick to The Jackdaw, shadowy scourge of the criminal element of gothic Grimmsmoore. With a heavily promoted motion picture about to be released, the nation is in the grips of Jackdaw mania, and Joyce soon finds herself in the middle of a mystery as to the secret origins of her mentor. She soon stumbles upon a labyrinth of underground history, leading to uneasy revelations and difficult choices.

JACKDAW is a graphic novel conceived by Brian Barr and Kelly Shane. Barr, an educator and fine artist, is the illustrator of the children’s book Martin the Guitar and the historical text John P. Gatewood: Confederate Bushwhacker. Shane produces the weekly online comic Is This Tomorrow? in collaboration with artist Woody Compton.